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Your Volkswagen not only gets you from A to B - it's by your side for life. And with right accessories, the journey becomes even more enjoyable. No matter whether you prefer your car to be sporty, super convenient or spacious: The reliable Volkswagen Accessories Products are tailor-made for your car - you can count on it. Have a great journey!


Light metal rims.

There's no reason to keep reinventing the wheel. But you can still give your car an extra special touch: With the alloy wheels from Volkswagen Accessories, there's a whole host of options open to you. Versatile in their design and uncompromising in their quality and functionality. You and your Volkswagen will be sure to impress.


Want to keep your valuables close by at all times without any major inconvenience? We've carefully developed systems to help you do just that: systems that both work together and complement each other perfectly. With these tailor-made products, you can store your bags in the most effective way possible and make the most of the luggage compartment. The perfect solution for whatever you're transporting. For your Volkswagen. For you.


Your car is your companion. You want to feel at ease in it. With the range of ideas from Volkswagen Accessories, the interior of your Volkswagen will become your own personal happy place. From the vast array of options, you can select your favourite product on the basis of its design and convenience, thereby creating a truly individual driving experience.