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Volkswagen Myanmar Warranty in Brief

New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Subject to the following terms and conditions, Yoma German Motors (YGM) warrants that any specified new vehicle component as defined below and manufactured by VWAG will be free from defects in materials used and/or workmanship in assembly under normal usage and provided that correct maintenance has been carried out. 

Any part warranted hereunder which proves to be defective by our trained technicians within the warranty period applicable to such part, will be repaired or replaced at the Volkswagen dealer's discretion in Myanmar and free of charge. 

Covered Items

  • Basic Warranty Items - These included all the components fitted to the car by the manufacturer, (except for any specific item as displayed hereunder and under the heading 'Special Transacted Items'.) provided the vehicle is maintained by a Volkswagen dealer at the prescribed service intervals and that any necessary repairs have not been delayed by the owner/driver, as well as provided the vehicle has not been used for any other reason than for which it was designed, all basic warranty items will cover a two year or 100,000 km warranty, whichever first occurs from the date as reflected as the 'delivery date' in the service book.
  • Specific Items - This includes the battery that has a separate warranty for a period of 12 months or 20,000 km, whichever first occurs. 

Items Not Covered

  • Wear and damage to tyres irrespective of the cause for wear and/or damage. This excludes bulging, in which case a claim against the tyre manufacturer will be made. The decision to honour such claim will reset entirely with the tyre manufacturer. 
  • Wheel alignment/tracking and wheel balancing.
  • Special Transacted Items - These are components supplied to the manufacturer that were fitted to your car. These are therefore not covered under this warranty, however, as in the case of tyres, should a claim arise, the claim will be directed to the manufacturer of the component. These include, all the axuiliary parts affiliated to the unit, E.g. the sound system, the satellite navigation system if application etc.
  • Expendables and Lubricants also fall out of this warranty. Expendables such as air cleaner element, oil filter element and fuel filter element, drive belts, spark plugs, clutch kid assembly, brake pads and brake linings, windscreen wiper blades, fuses, all lamp bulbs and any other expendable components. Lubricants such as engine oil, manual transmission oil, automatic transmission fluid, brake and clutch fluid, grease, engine coolant, differential oils, steering gear oils, transfer gear oils, battery electrolyte, refrigerant, window washer fluid, fuel.
  • Normal maintenance services are also excluded and are for the owners account. This includes, engine tuning, investigation of non-warranty items e.g. engine backfiring due to faulty spark plugs, cleaning and polishing. 
  • Fair wear and tear of any part, normal deterioration, discoloration, fading ageing of painted surfaces, rubber parts, wearing of all upholstery. 
  • Any item or perceived irregularity observed that does not affect the performance of the car or the safety of its occupants. E.g. a slight vibration of sporadic instances. 
  • Consequential damage caused by improper maintenance or repairs. E.g. The engine seizes because the last service was either not carried out or was carried out by a non-Volkswagen workshop. 
  • Damaged caused by a part not approved by Volkswagen and being repaired by or replaced by any person or entity other than those authorised by Volkswagen. 
  • Damage caused by an accident and/or damage caused by an external influence. E.g. a dent caused by another car door opened against any panel on your car, or damage caused by uneven road surfaces. E.g. driving over a pot hole and damanging a tyre and wheel.
  • Damage caused by an act of God. E.g. a flood or lightning.
  • Damage caused by war, rioting or vandalism.
  • Damage caused by racing, drifting, over loading and/or where a normal passenger vehicle is used for off-roading.
  • Damages caused by industrial fall out or foreign chemicals, acid in the rain or ultraviolet rays caused by over exposure to strong sunlight, tree sap, bird droppings, hail, sand, fire, etc. 
  • Loss of personal income whilst the vehicle is undergoinging warranty repairs or routine maintenance. 
  • Taxi fares or any other form of compensation whilst the vehicle undergoes warranty repairs or routine maintenance regardless of the time needed to do so.
  • Usage of fuel by the workshop whilst testing a repair.
  • Glass dage if not caused by pressure bursts.
  • Damages caused by natural disasters.

Territorial Scope

Should there be a need to travel beyond the borders of Myanmar into other neighbouring countries and warranty work is needed, the driver/owner of the car needs to contact his selling dealer in Myanmar for authorization to be granted to the foregin repairing dealer. 

NB. Under no circumstances, will Volkswagen Myanmar offer any cash refund on the presentation of an invoice for repairs carried out in a foregin country or even locally, if the above procedure was not followed. 

Warranty Conditions

  • All periodic maintenace and repairs must be carried out by an authorized Volkswagen dealer in Myanmar.
  • The manufacturer has classified driving in Myanmar as severe operational driving conditions due to the climate, road conditions, dust, acidic rainfall, intense sun rays and poor fuel quality. Whilst our periodic routine services are set at 10,000 km or 1 year, whichever first occurs, we strongly recommend that the oil and oil filter are changed by an authorized Volkswagen dealer every 5,000 km or 6-month, whichever first occurs.
  • It is up to the driver/owner of the vehicle to ensure that the enclosed service book is stamped, that correct mileage is recorded and dated as proof of servicing in order to keep the warranty valid. 
  • As an emphasis on the above, it is imperative to understand that improper usage of the car as stipulated as follows, can and may invalidate the vehicle's warranty. These included but are not limited to - the usage of the vehicle in any form of motorsport, alterations and/or modifications to the original specifications, additional equipment/accessories fitted or installed that require more power to operate than what the vehicle's electrical supply can produce, any original wiring in the vehicles harness that has been tapped into or cut for any reason, the use of non-genuine parts, etc.

A final note to assist with the above terms and conditions.

If in doubt, phone your local dealer before any assumptions are made about what is or is not covered under warranty.